“Eat by Choice, Not by Habit is a winner, How brilliant—combining compassionate communication with food and eating. Brilliant!”
~Christiane Northrup, M.D. Best selling author of  Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, the Secret Pleasures of Menopause Playbook, The Power of Joy, The Secret Pleasures of Menopause


“Just by reading your book, over the last 7 months I went from 144 to 128, three pounds from what I weighed in high school. It was so easy and I only became more conscious and decided to remove sugar from my diet.”
~Diane Conrad, Singer, dancer, performer


“I really enjoyed your book…. it’s easy and inviting to get into, connecting, lots of good information, and understanding for the many relationships with food. I like that you can jump in at any point and get a morsel! Tasty indeed. Bravo! and Thank you for this contribution to NVC offerings in the world!”
~Sura Hart, Author of The Compassionate Classroom; Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids and The No-Fault Classroom and creator of the game – The No Fault Zone


“I’ve just begin reading your book and I’m really enjoying it. I like all the references and Sylvia’s soapbox. I love the combination of scientific information and also staying present and mindful and staying connected with feelings and needs.”
~Mary Mackenzie, Author of Peaceful Living, co-founder of the NVC Academy


“Boy, I’m –really– liking your book. I enjoy your depth of knowledge and compelling wisdom. The day I began reading it (two weeks ago) I decided to quit ingesting sugar. I’ve been doing very well. How come I didn’t know sugar impacts osteoporosis? I have osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis condition, reversible, thank goodness). How come doctors don’t know much about food? It’s so crucial. I think your book is seminal in that it combines facts about food, psychological insight, and a compassionate approach to the problem. I also think it’s very, very timely considering the weight concerns in the country. And your humor…delightful. Honey, I think you’re on your way to fame 🙂 ) No, really. I wish you much, much luck. May many people benefit from your studies and passion. And may you continue to have great fun presenting your book. May it also contribute to security and sustainability.”
~Myra Walden, NVC Trainer


“It’s a wonderful book with good information presented in a very kind, loving way.”
~Mike Milliard, U of Arizona


“Sylvia Haskvitz is one of the most effective trainers I have ever encountered. The process of NVC will support your group or organization to truly blossom with harmony and creativity.”
~Gerry Stratemeier


“Your workshop was deeply inspiring and encouraging. I had the opportunity to use my newly learned skills almost immediately after the NVC workshop. I was able to truly listen to a family member in a way that honored their experience and deepened our connection. Thank you.”
~Julia Lawler


“I took your workshop at Esalen back in April. Just wanted to reiterate what a pleasure it was to meet you and for all your wise words. Charley, Heather, and myself (the Vegas locals who traveled together) still practice NVC, and refer daily to the wonderful work we did at Esalen. You’ve helped in more ways than you can imagine. I look forward to continuing this journey, and who knows! Maybe one day, you’ll see me at one of your work shops again.”
~Starlyn Endres


“That 22 people from six states can open up, trust, learn, play and grow together in 3 days is a testimony to the effectiveness of NVC and Sylvia’s facilitation.”
~Carol Albee


“NVC is by far the best tool I have ever known to develop and deepen connection with others and self, resolve conflict and understand each other. Sylvia is a fantastic teacher!”
~Anne Showalter


“Sylvia embodies compassionate communication with authentic heart connections. She creates a safe space to learn, grow and deepen your connection to yourself and others. Sylvia shares all of this in a creative and playful way.”
~Kayse Williams


“NVC isn’t complicated, in fact it is wonderfully simple — and the power to connect people on what matters is infinite.”
~Hans Voss


“Sylvia Haskvitz walks her talk in modeling compassionate communication. She raises the energy and level of creativity and playfulness by her inspiring and dynamic leadership.”
~Opal Wong


“It was fantastic! Best, most thought-provoking workshop I have ever attended.”
~Ali Schulz


“Thanks for being open to making the training authentic to our needs.”
~Sara Pearson


“This is the best set of tools I have come across for practicing true non-violence.”
~Jan Kellogg


“Sylvia and Linda’s ability to weave together emotional awareness and practical nutritional knowledge ensured that everyone walked away with something important.”
~Abby Goldman


“Life altering concepts that moves us closer to who we really are but have forgotten.”
~Duane Dixon


“NVC brings a practical and succinct method of communication, that contributes to the mass “need” of higher consciousness, peace and healing on the planet.”
~Cheri Piefke


“Marie and Sylvia have a way of teaching that makes it easy to immediately integrate this material into your everyday relationships.”
~Carolyn Ringo


“I wanted to let you know that you’re in my thoughts and heart.
In the last days I’m listening again to your “eat by choice” CD’s on my way to work.
It’s a real joy & delight for me to hear your voice,
to learn from the clarity and sharpness in which you express deep messages,
to feel moved and inspired by your personal stories, multiple examples and quotes. I’m still savoring our joint workshop ~4 years ago in Israel, seeing its impact and the ripple effect it made to many people around me, directly and indirectly. Our first meeting in 2007 in the Columbus Ohio workshop was very impactful and meaningful for me. It contributed to my understanding, growth and development and it also gave me much confidence and reassurance re the journey I’m choosing and my ability to walk that way. My life is full with living, experiencing, learning, teaching and sharing the spirit of NVC. Thank you Sylvia for being so present in my life…
If you’d like to share with me what’s alive in you and say few words about your current journey I’ll be reading it joyfully…”
~Ronny Weinberger


“Am still processing the vast amount of information and emotion I was exposed to at the workshop. Truly an inspirational experience. It was a pleasure to watch someone as skilled and enthusiastic as you at work.”
~Kathryn Leavey


“Just want to put in a plug for the E Book Study Guide for Eat By Choice, Not By Habit that Sylvia mentioned tonight on the call.
I’m using it in a small study group and it’s both thought-provoking and includes some really cool exercises.”
~Rachel Rahn


“I bring your book with me to classes I teach on nonviolence when I talk about all of the ways we can apply nonviolence to our lives…when I say ‘eat nonviolently’ that always gets a reaction!”
~Kit Miller, Director of the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence


“I want to give you some feedback on your book. I found it to be very insightful and found the concept of applying NVC to eating to be very refreshing and enlightening. I loaned it to a client who has an eating disorder. We had been discussing the concept of paying attention to feelings when the need for the dysfunctional rituals arise. We had both read of the idea in Eckert Toole’s new book. She came back the next week after reading your book and was thrilled with it. She said it got her through the week and gave her a way to handle her feelings of loneliness that fuel her eating patterns. She was able to sit with the feelings instead of eating them away – for the first time. She and I had each found passages in the book that fit her to the tee and we discussed those passages in therapy. I gave her my copy to keep so I’ll have to get another one from you. Sylvia, I think you have something very powerful here. In fact those are the words my client used to describe the book’s effect upon her – “powerful.” She and I both said that our only criticism is that it was too short. Each sentence is pregnant with meaning, so pregnant that I found that I had to read and reread some passages in order to fully grasp what was being said. I can see from reading the book that you have spent a lifetime developing your ideas. They are well thought out and deep. They are complex ideas, layered in philosophies of nutrition, psychotherapy, NVC, and spirituality just to mention a few. I thought your book was a marvelous marriage of all the disparate disciplines. These ideas are probably second nature to you now but for the neophytes who have not delved into such philosophies, the concepts are likely to be less transparent. I felt that each concept could have filled a chapter all by itself. Hence, I have a wish. Have you thought of making a workbook? Then writing a companion book with each idea expounded upon so thoroughly that one cannot miss the point? Your book could be a wonderful prelude to something quite great. Congratulations! I hope your book gets into the hands of more people with eating disorders. It is a gold mine.”
~Barbara Nichols, Ph.D, Psychotherapist