Eat by Choice, Not by Habit E-Guidebooks

An E-Book authored by CNVC Certified Trainer Sylvia Haskvitz and Jan Henrikson

This guidebook is for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the world of compassion as it applies to your body and food. Use it as an accompaniment to the Eat by Choice book and audio book. Or begin your journey to more conscious eating here.

There are plenty of questions and exercises to play with individually or with the support of a group.

Heighten your consciousness and transform your relationship with your body and food, whether you explore this one nugget at a time or consume the entire book in one sitting.

Join the wave of a new movement of consciousness in all you do — the Eat by Choice Movement. A movement towards a healthier you and more healthful community, leading to more pleasure and connection, moment by moment.

Cost: $12.00 USD

Eat by Choice Electronic Guidebook