Sylvia Haskvitz and Jan Henrikson

Co-conspirators in the world of food, nutrition, body image and health. Sylvia’s food journey began when she was a baby. She refused to eat jars of baby food, so her mother bought her first blender and bought fresh fruits and vegetables. Her father was diagnosed with diabetes when she was eight years old. Mom cooked and baked healthful meals to support her dad and Sylvia learned a lot about healthy foods. She went on to become a registered dietitian hoping to support her father and others who struggled with issues related to food and well-being. Sylvia first met Jan at a mutual friend’s potluck dinner party. Jan is a writer and finds that she “has to” write.

It is in her being. Jan interviewed Sylvia for a story about Nonviolent Communication for the Awareness Journal in Tucson many years ago. Jan joined Sylvia’s year course in Nonviolent Communication and when an opportunity to write the book, Eat by Choice, Not by Habit presented itself from Puddledancer Press, Sylvia asked Jan to join the project. They have been cooking up ideas ever since.